Kiss of Lila – Necklace

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Many of VeruDesigns jewelry pieces were directly inspired by women I’ve never met. Women in books, movies, magazines, wearing the most beautiful ensembles, rich in colors, texture, contrasts, and what I call “simple loveliness” to the eye.


This is how, as I was getting dressed the other day for a gorgeous day at the beach, I realized how much I appreciate the simple pieces that are part of my small closet.   Furthermore, I LOVED my ensemble so much, that I suddenly felt this all familiar “spur” of inspiration that normally happens when I see something “outside” of me.


The “Kiss of Lila” Necklace is my first piece inspired on MY OWN personal style. The style that (for now) suits my soul perfectly.    This is also the first piece of my upcoming “Spring/Summer 2012 – Sampoña Collection“, which was based on the original prototype that I shared with you a little while back.

Friday is almost coming to an end: May you all find even more beauty in the simple every-day moments of your weekend, wherever you are.
- Veruschka 




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  1. Lise says:

    Veruschka, thanks for the e-mail, Love the necklace. I am always saying I should make pieces for myself.but of course I get lost in something I feel I need to work on. I love your colors. What brand of clay do you use.? Talk to you soon.
    Have a nice day, Lise’

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