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I’ve been falling in love with this season’s “happy colors” that I can’t stop noticing in fashion, interior design and home decor every time I walk by my favorite Philadelphia boutiques and furniture stores.  I’m particularly mesmerized by the gorgeous happy-greens,  the bold orangy-pinks and the soft purples that my eyes -seem- to have learned to notice everywhere, bringing a HUGE smile to my face :-)


The “Gran Sonrisa – Necklace” (Huge Smile -Necklace in english), is the first jewelry piece of my  Spring-Summer 2012  “Colossal Beads” collection.  Each of the beautiful one-of-a-kind beads was individually designed and manually crafted with as much love as my heart knows to give.  This newest baby of mine will be part of my soon-to-be-re-launched online store, and I’m already pretty jealous of the lovely lady that will own it very soon :-)


… Do you know what has been (surprisingly) the best part though? How wonderfully unique this peace of “love and clay” made me feel today, as it rested on my chest.

This was SUCH a delightful necklace to make!! Many of the amazing fellow artists that I’ve come to know and am honored to call friends of mine, always ask me why don’t I use more tools to automate and accelerate the process (cutting, shaping, mixing, etc, etc), aside from the fact that many of these tools make everything look “flawless”, in the sense that machines make everything perfectly “even” and “flat” and can repeat “sizes” perfectly, not to mention that machines make everything automatically FASTER!


And yet, I LOVE that exact process! I love making the details one-by-one, with my bare fingers. And I love for each of my pieces to show the “imperfections” that are magically created by the imprint that my fingers leave. It IS what makes my pieces VERUDESIGNS pieces! It is so much about the journey of creating them. Yes… I love what I do, and I so hope you enjoy the results as well ;-)


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  1. Liz Ferro says:

    What a beautiful piece of art. I saw this necklace in person today and can state that, although the photos show the amazing work, they do not do it justice. It’s so vibrant and full of life. I love it!

    • Dear Liz – How lovely of you to share your thoughts with me! I’m SO thrilled you liked this very special necklace. Thank you so much for taking the time to writing these lines so full of support and genuine appreciation. It’s because and FOR women like you that I am a jewelry designer. My aim is to create something that is beautiful and ONE-OF-A-KIND, just like every single woman on earth is. Thanks again :-)

  2. Nancy says:

    My daughter saw you in the material store today and sent me the link to this necklace! She said you were so nice and that you very “shyly” told her you made it! Absolutely fantastic!!!! I love jewelry that no one else around me has! Keep up the good work! I will be definitely purchasing from you.

    • Dear Nancy: I wish I knew your daughter’s name, but please, tell her that her beautiful smile MADE-MY-DAY! There is little else that can make my work feel more rewarding than witnessing a creation of mine making someone smile so lovingly and genuinely. I’m so, SO happy that you both enjoyed this necklace. It’s name means “The BIG smile”, because this is what I hope it inspires in whomever wears it. I’d love for you both to visit often ad I’m about to launch my online store within the next week, with several new pieces too!
      Much love to you both, and thank you so much for taking the time to write such a heart-warming comment.
      - Veruschka

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