Charango Laughs – Necklace

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It’s not the first or last time that my homeland’s unique musical instruments inspire me to create something that radiates with as much joy and love as how Bolivia makes me feel inside, especially when I’m thousands of miles away from home.  The bolivian “charango” is almost always present in music that originates in the highlands of Bolivia.   To me, the Charango’s sound is that of a heartfelt cry or laugh.  It’s what makes a love song one of lose or joy; and since I get to choose what I focus on when creating a necklace, I chose JOY!


The abstract representation of the tiny charangos in this necklace are meant to remind you to LAUGH heartily as your day unfolds, and allow through its fun and vibrant colors remember that nothing should be taken too seriously… “Laughter is the Best Medicine!”.

Much love to you,

- Veruschka

This necklace may look simple and easy to make (easy comparatively to the other pieces I make), but it wasn’t! Because I don’t use any other tools by a small razor blade and my fingers, all the straight, perfectly flat areas needed a lot of massaging and contouring with my hands.
It was super fun though!



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  1. Lise Boss says:

    Love, Love this necklace , as always. It does bring joy. Lise’

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