About VeruDesigns, LLC

Welcome to VeruDesigns.com!

About my Jewelry:
To get a quick but clear sense about VeruDesigns jewelry, there are four things (only 4!) you need to know:
—>  First, every piece you’ll see here is created by me personally, and is 100% handmade (I only use my hands and a small razor blade for the most part). My primary material is polymer clay.


—>  Second, there is only ONE of every piece, each with a very distinctive design, and not ONE piece looks even close like another. No design is every repeated again.


—>  Third, As much as the end result is what you see and enjoy, 50% of what makes each piece so awesome is it’s story. VeruDesigns jewelry tells a story that is inspired by real-life moments in life. Each carries enormous amounts of LOVE energy, and exists for the sole purpose of reflecting back to you the unique beauty of your Soul. When you buy one of my pieces, you’re becoming part of a story and you’ll be filled with inspiration. That is my promise.


—>  Fourth, you’ll see plenty of pictures of each jewelry piece. What you don’t see is the equally special PACKAGING. That is something you’ll see only when you make a purchase. I invest as much energy, meaning and creativity in the packaging as in the jewelry. As part of this you get several other surprises, among them the “original drawing design” of your piece (since I will never repeat the design again, it’s only right for you to have it :-) )

About our “website” (VeruDesigns.com)
There are primarily 4 things you can do when you visit our site:


(1)   Custom jewelry requests: This is what VeruDesigns is primarily all about. I create custom jewelry pieces for you that tells YOUR story, that reflect who you are, or reflects this particular moment in your life or that of someone you care about. Many of my clients, commission custom pieces as wedding gifts, birthday gifts or simply to tell someone how much they love them. I specialize particularly in custom “wedding” jewelry that is bold, different but AWESOME, not just for the bride, but the whole wedding party. Jewerly can take your special day to a whole new level of love, beauty and connection.


(2)   Custom jewelry PLUS photoshoot!: This is my absolute FAVORITE service here at VeruDesigns.  Not only do I create a custom jewelry piece for you that tells YOUR story, but you get to be my MUSE during a 1-hour photo-shoot at your home or at a wonderful location near your home that we will arrange for.  The shoot itself is incredibly fun and NO modelling experience is required, even though you’ll come across as if you did this your whole life. I promise!  I specialize at capturing your true self. The unique soul that is really you, and my aim is not only to re-awaken your inner-light, but inspire those who will see the images later.   As part of this package, you get to be VeruDesigns’ COVERGIRL;  where you’ll be the “face” of all our publications online and offline. It is a one-of-a-kind EXPERIENCE that you’ll never forget. This is a wonderful gift not only to yourself, but someone you love, including little girls!


(3)   Shop: You can of course also buy a piece in my online “shop”, where you’ll see those pieces that are available for purchase.  Each 100% handmade, one-of-a-kind and inspired by its own unique story. Very easy and fun!


(4)   Gallery: My Gallery exists to entertain you, to inspire you, to make you feel something nice and warm in your belly while browsing through each piece, reading its story and looking at its beautiful pictures.  Each piece is shown FULLY with many pictures, its story, its inspiration, some “behind the scenes” pictures of how it was made, sometimes an inspiring story about the amazing women that model my pieces, and more!


(5)   Blog: I believe that a picture can say more than a thousand words, and a big part of what I do is share ideas, thoughts and simple truths that inspire me through a beautiful picture.

When you subscribe to my website, you get VIP access to my weekly “Tuesday Jewelry Reveal” 24-hours before the rest of the world, you get also access to members-only free give-aways, sales, discounts and other surprises. So, if you are not signed up yet, I hope you do! (Just got to the homepage and enter your first name and e-mail address).

Why VeruDesigns? 

VeruDesigns, LLC is the physical manifestation of a journey towards re-discovery and self-love that I’ve experienced over the last few years. A journey of falling-in-love at a whole new-level with the amazing women in my life (my AMAZING mother, my gorgeous sisters and beautiful friends), but ultimately with myself. Coming to appreciate and embrace my own uniquenesses opened my eyes, my heart and then my genuine desire to express unconditional love, that is manifested here as unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

My goal is to match every “one-of-a-kind” VeruDesigns jewelry piece with the very unique woman that is meant to have it and own it, and hopefully allow this gorgeous jewelry become a daily reminder of your very own BEAUTY and POWER that lies in your “one-of-a-kind-ness”.

Much love to you,

- Veruschka


Principal Artist at VeruDesigns, LLC

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