About the Artist


I’m Veruschka.  You can call me “Vee”, “Veru” or simply Veruschka.


How to summarize the Soul that is really me….


How about this:

I’m a woman in love with life. In love with my Husband, my Family, my Friends, my Art and Myself.The ease and peace I feel declaring my love openly, specifically the love towards myself is not something that felt always this natural and good.  VeruDesigns is something that was meant to happen in my life, as it became one of the main triggers that guided me towards a very personal journey of self-discovery and self-love at a whole new level never experienced before.
I’m the daughter of two amazing people who I’m lucky to call my parents: Fernando and Lilian.
I’m forever the big sister of my sweet little brother Chris (I know you’re reading this … happy and smiling).
I’m a big ‘sis’ to some of the most beautiful souls I’ve encountered in my life, my lovely Vanessa and Sandra, and the younger sister of my big-bro Juber.
I’m also the very proud wife of Clifford Stevens. My Cliff:  The man I dreamed of since I was 5 years old. The man I saw in many, many dreams before meeting him in real life many years later. The single most influential human being in my life. The first one to make me “see” my own inner beauty, and the one that makes me a better person just by being with him.

I’m a Bolivian girl, raised in Germany and Bolivia, who is now very proud to be an American woman as well, and a citizen of the world.


A Systems and Software Engineer in my prior life, I’m now very proud to pronounce myself as an Artist, and VeruDesigns as my channel of creative and emotional expression.


Express what?  My appreciation of life, my appreciation of YOU…the beautiful people that share this world with me wherever you are.  VeruDesigns is my celebration of every single woman in this world, and a way of sharing the knowing that “each woman’s uniqueness is not only where her true inner and outer beauty resides, but has a “one-of-a-kind” purpose (or purposes) that are meant to be fulfilled” in life.


Yes, my Jewelry is a celebration of you beautiful women of the world, no matter your age, size, ethnicity, believes and background.  Thank you for honoring me with your time.


- Veruschka

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