Re-Membering Nature: The Collection

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today’s Art Jewelry reveal is the coming together of many things that have been lingering inside of me for a while.

I want to warn you that the underlying subject behind today’s jewelry is not as cheery and happy as I like them to be. I struggled with deciding to reveal the inspiration behind this jewelry because, unlike most of my other creations, this came from a not-so-happy place.

At the end however, I felt that, at the risk of you pushing the un-subscribe button, I had to add my voice to this subject because it is important. It’s so much more important than anything I do. It’s bigger than my business, it’s bigger then the number of subscribers and customers I have.

Art has always been one of the ways in which change was inspired in the hearts of people.

So here we go.


Re-Membering Nature”.


I LOVE the english language.

It’s so rich in ways that I haven’t noticed in other latin-derived languages (yet).

So many english words have a beautiful genesis. Take this word: “Remembering”. If you take it apart, you have RE-MEMBER. It was born from the idea of “members” coming together again. It implies that they were ONE before, but somehow got disconnected, and now, they’re choosing to RE-MEMBER again. So, Remembering Nature, is becoming one with nature, AGAIN. Because we’ve always been one. We’ve just temporarily forgotten.


You see where I’m going with this.

Denying that our beautiful mother-earth is being negatively affected by our carelessness, disconnection and greed is a choice.  The facts are NOT arguable anymore.

In fact, 97% of all top-scientists specialized on this subject, all over the world agree that human behavior is causing our planet to be drastically unbalanced in an accelerated period of time.

Has our planet gone through big climate changes before? Yes. In fact, it is a natural process. But a “normal” cycle takes place over very long periods of time. Thousands of years in fact. The cooling and warming of our planet has always occurred gradually for good reason. This time, the out-of-balance is occurring within extremely short periods of time. Denying this, is not taking a side on a “relative” truth. Denying this is choosing not to care about our home.

Here is what is interesting: The remaining 3% of scientist who are not supporting global warning are NOT denying it (even though lobbyist and some politicians have blurred this quite effectively). The remaining 3% of top-scientist are simply not wanting to take a stand, leaving a door open for “speculation”. Somehow, this has been enough for GREED to turn this subject into an “arguable” one.


Despite all of it, nature’s beauty overwhelms everything else.

It overwhelms greed (represented in gold in my jewelry) and it overwhelms death (represented in black). Nature will survive. And I’m very optimistic that we (humans) will too.


NECKLACE #1 : The Medallion

This is the only necklace, out of this 4-piece collection that represents the ABSENCE of nature. Inspired by what our earth looks like AFTER years of carelessly extracting gold in many regions of the world. It’s also inspired by GOLD itself, which is a universal symbol of human greed over thousands of years.


That aside, it’s a beautiful 2-sided pendant. It represents my forgiveness for my own greed, in the small ways I’ve expressed it at some points in my life. I hope you like it 🙂



NECKLACE #2 : The Cocoon

Birth and transformation are the constants of life in all of its forms. Both, in nature and in humanity as well. The cocoon necklace is exactly what its name says. A celebration of birth and transformation that prevail despite our disconnection and greed.



NECKLACE #3 : Beauty Drawings

I was looking for different ways of representing one of the most beautiful creations of nature: Flowers.

I found my answer in old Japanese botanical prints. I used clay as my canvas, and hand-drew the flowers themselves, adding some textural details with clay as well. I’m thinking about expanding on this new technique in the future!



NECKLACE #4 : Coexistence

Probably my favorite necklace of the group. Each half-bead expresses a small story of co-existence and balance. Somehow animals and plants have always been friendly to each other. I feel there is so much we can learn from them.



Somehow, after I finished the jewelry I felt like I had to do something to end this in a happier feeling-place.

It helps to remember that after all, the ultimate outcome of this post is just jewelry. Art Jewelry, to be more precise. But still, it’s still just a thing. The inspiration, the stories behind them are mine. I have no right to impose them onto anyone else. It was important for me to share where they came from, but from here on, the jewelry is here to make us feel affirmed, expressed and beautiful.


This (very silly!) fashion-inspired video will hopefully bring this idea to life. Enjoy!

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Do you have a favorite? If you’ve enjoyed this, or you have any questions or comments, let me know below and I’ll reply as quickly as I can (I’d looooooove to know!).

Stay well, stay happy and stay healthy. And let us all wish for a beautiful 2017 filled with expansion and growth for us all!!

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